Bongino: ‘There Won’t be a Democrat Left Standing in Office in 2022 if You Start Screwing Around with My Kids’

BonginoFox Video Screenshot

“Let me tell you something right now. [You] need to throw all this bullshit out the window,” Dan Bongino replied when pressed for his reaction if the government decides to ever mandate COVID vaccines for children.

Fox News host Rachel Campos was covering the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates when Bongino made a series of explosive remarks on her program.

“You start messing with my kids, it’s game time. You understand?” Bongino said. “You think you saw an electoral tsunami on Tuesday… there won’t be a Democrat left standing in office in 2022 [if] you start screwing around with my kids.”

He continued, “I can take a lot… you start toying with Mama Bear and Papa Bear, I’m telling you right now, it’s game time. We are not playing around. we can take a lot but don’t you dare toy with my kids. I will make that decision for my kids when I am good and I am damn ready.”

“You can throw all of this other crap out the window. This isn’t politics. You are messing with people’s kids. That is a red line,” Bongino concluded.

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