WATCH: Rep. Bill Posey Ends His Congressional Speech with ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on Live TV

Rep. Bill PoseyC-SPAN Video Screenshot

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) ended his House speech on Friday by with “Let’s Go Brandon,” which is the viral code phrase for “F**k Joe Biden.”

The epic moment was caught on live TV by C-SPAN as Rep. Posey voiced strong opposition to Joe Biden’s multi-trillion dollar proposed infrastructure bill.

“Instead of the bogus ‘Build Back Better Plan’ and reconciliation plan, you know what [Americans] want? They want you to put America back how you found it and leave it the hell alone. Let’s Go Brandon,” Rep. Posey said.

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“Let’s Go Brandon” soared into a trending national catch-phrase after an NBC reporter went into damage-control mode as “F**k Joe Biden!” chants erupted on live TV as NASCAR driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed.

Spectators could be heard chanting “F**k Joe Biden!” loud and clear in the background. The reporter, however, suggested the fans were yelling “Let’s Go Brandon!” which obviously wasn’t the case. Video Below