Sen. Kennedy on Biden Saying the Infrastructure Bill ‘Costs Zero Dollars’: ‘Mice Die in Mouse Traps Because They Think the Cheese Is Free’

Kennedy, BidenFox Video Screenshots

Appearing on Hannity, Sen. John Kennedy pushed back against Joe Biden’s notion that his proposed 3.5 trillion dollar infrastructure package “costs zero dollars.”

“My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars,” Biden tweeted in September.

“Instead of wasting money on tax breaks, loopholes, and tax evasion for big corporations and the wealthy, we can make a once-in-a-generation investment in working America,” Biden declared. “And it adds zero dollars to the national debt.”

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In response, Sen. Kennedy labeled Biden’s infrastructure bill as a “spending orgy reconciliation bill, which by the way, President Biden says is free.”

“I would remind you that mice die in mouse traps because they think cheese is free,” he added. “This bill’s not free. It’ll cost everybody.” Video Below