General Flynn Highlights 17 ‘Major Issues Bombarding America’s Psyche’ & Causing ‘Confusion And Chaos’

FlynnPatriot Prosperity Video Screenshot

Retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn listed seventeen “major issues” that he feels are “bombarding America’s psyche” and causing “confusion and chaos.”

The former NSA and DIA Director then called on Republican leaders around America to immediately “stand up for American values and principles, and our God-given constitutional rights.”

In a statement posted to Telegram, General Flynn stated as follows:

Stay focused on what is important — The Future of our Country is at stake. Doing nothing against the tyranny we are facing risks the very future of our children and our grandchildren. Doing nothing is no longer acceptable.

The following list is not inclusive nor is it in order, but these are the major issues bombarding America’s psyche and that is exactly what the Left wants—sheer confusion and chaos. Don’t lose sight of the goal 🙏🏼🇺🇸

1. Healthy tyranny, forced jabs
2. Entire city & state lockdowns
3. Mass firings of nurses & docs
4. Massive & Natl Election fraud
5. Epidemic #s of illegals
6. Opioid crisis still looming
7. An assault on our military
8. Mass coordinated censorship
9. Media collusion w/ the Left
10. Cancel culture across the govt
11. Religious persecution
12. Mask mandates of children
13. Approx ~ $7T spent in 9 mos
14. 1/6 Insurrection crucifixion
15. China on the rise/winning
16. Afghanistan surrender/retreat
17. FBI abusing 1 abuses all of us
18. Add your own here

No sane American voted for this nonsense and yet the Grand Old Party (GOP) plays the fiddle. The GOP (Republican Party) is absolutely pathetic. Talk about DO NOTHING. I want America back and I am going to fight for those who are willing to fight with me and for us all. We will not relent to this tyranny, we will fight at the local level against school boards, on street corners, in front of city halls, or states capitols or wherever each of us can have the greatest impact. We have to stop complaining and get off the couch and run against any politician that is not standing up for our constitutional rights. This is no more “politics as usual.” Our Nation is in grave risk.

Every Republican Governor can, should and must do more. Exercise big, bold, and courageous LEADERSHIP in your states immediately. I don’t know how else to say it. Your citizens are watching every move and they are not happy. To those republicans in the US Congress, you are not listening. The time to stand up for American values and principles, and our God-given constitutional rights is NOW!

“Local Action = National Impact”

Stand up, step up and get involved! Do not allow this monumental moment in history to pass you by.

God Bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸