Trump To Those Who Think He Has A ‘Big Mouth’: ‘I Have A Mouth That Tells The Truth’ & ‘Wants To Save Our Country’

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President Donald J. Trump has a special message to those who are “going after” him because they think he has a “big mouth.”

Speaking in front of thousands of his supporters at his “Save America” rally at Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry on Saturday, Trump speculated that Democrats are constantly attacking him with “prosecutors and everything else they can think of,” hoping they can keep him “quiet.”

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“The Democrats are after me with prosecutors and everything else they can think of, like they want to make sure that I just be quiet,” Trump said. “They’re destroying our country and they want to go after me because I have, they think, a big mouth.”

“I don’t have a big mouth. You know what I have? I have a mouth that tells the truth. I have a mouth that wants to save our country,” the 45th President declared.

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Here is a video showing Trump’s full remarks on the subject him having a “Big Mouth”: