WATCH: Al Sharpton Gets Shouted Down By Protestors In Del Rio: “We Don’t Want Your Racism In Texas. Get Out Of Here!”

[Image: Reverend Al Sharpton in Del Rio, Texas getting shouted down by protestors - 9/23/21. KENS 5 YouTube video screenshot.]

Reverend Al Sharpton arrived in Del Rio Texas on Thursday, reportedly getting a tour of the Haitian immigrant encampment on the U.S./Mexico southern border.

While in Del Rio, however, protestors heckled and shouted down Sharpton at the international Bridge while he was trying to speak during a press conference.

A man could be heard telling Al Sharpton, “We don’t want your racism in Texas. Get out of here!”

Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell reacted to Sharpton’s visit to Del Rio, writing, “Make me sooo happy! Get Lost Al!”

Dr. Scott weighed in:

Paris Dennard added:

Vice Langman suggested Texas “broke the racist Al Sharpton today”.

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