‘He Won’t Back Down To The Swamp’: Gen. Flynn Endorses ‘Combat Wounded Veteran’ Teddy Daniels For Congress

[Image: GOP Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels for Pennsylvanian’s 8th congressional district -- War Room Rumble video screenshot. General Michael Flynn -- Patriot Prosperity Rumble video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has endorsed pro-Trump Republican, Teddy Daniels, who is running in Pennsylvanian’s 8th congressional district — Scranton, which is Joe Biden’s alleged hometown.

Flynn, who briefly served as 45th President Donald J. Trump’s national security adviser, issued a statement, encouraging everyone to “get behind Teddy Daniels’ campaign”.

“Teddy Daniels is an America First patriot and Combat Wounded Veteran whom I endorse for Congress in Northeast Pennsylvania,” General Flynn announced in a statement.

“He won’t back down to the swamp and will fight for our country like he did in Afghanistan. We need patriots like Teddy who love our Nation, our military, our police and our freedoms,” he said.

“I encourage everyone to get behind Teddy Daniels’ campaign,” Mr. Flynn recommended.

Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels thanked the retired three-star general for his endorsement, writing on Twitter Monday, “General Flynn is not only a hero, but he is a patriot who has taken a lot of hits for our country. I am truly honored to have his confidence and endorsement in my run for Congress. Thank you, sir.” Continued Below

General Michael Flynn’s statement:

Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels’ response to General Flynn:

Teddy Daniels has also received an endorsement from Jenna Ellis, former senior legal advisor and counsel to 45th President Donald J. Trump and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R).

“Teddy Daniels has been fighting for election integrity and an audit of PA since Nov 2020. He is a wounded combat veteran, retired police officer, and advocate for our rights against govt tyranny. He puts America First! I am proud to endorse and stand with @DanielsCongress! #PA8”, Ellis tweeted earlier this month.

“I endorse Teddy Daniels for Congress. He is a retired police officer, a wounded combat veteran with distinguished service, and is a fighter. We need more conservative military fighters like Teddy in office who have loyalty to this country. He was also a Division 1 football star and a successful businessman. Plus, he supported President Trump from the beginning. Please support Teddy Daniels, we need him now,” Senator Rogers said in a statement.

Mr. Daniels has also received endorsements from:

Stacy Garrity (PA State Treasurer), Col. Doug Mastriano (GOP PA State Senator), former GOP congressional candidate for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District Kim Klacik, Rep. Paul Gozar (R-AZ), AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem, Mike Marsicano, Frank Scavo (Coalition for Election Integrity), Andrew Holter (Former PA State Rep. candidate), Walter Griffith (Luzerne County, PA councilman), Dwayne McDavitt (President of PA Bikers for Trump), Stephen Urban (PA State committeeman), Chris Rosler (Acting sheriff in Wayne County, PA), Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC; a non-partisan, non-connected all-volunteer Political Action Committee organized to empower all gun owners, outdoors enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd Amendment), and Republicans for National Renewal.

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Learn more about Teddy Daniels; watch:

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