Joe Biden Puts His Irritation On Full Display As He Reacts To The Sudden ‘F**k Biden’ Trend

[Image: Joe Biden -- C-SPAN Twitter video screenshot.]

“F**k Joe Biden” chants have now “become a national trend that is showing no signs of ever stopping”, according to political commentator and social media influencer Melissa Tate.

“F**k Joe Biden” chants have been heard at college football games two weeks in a row and even at some recent concerts, along with being displayed on flags, banners, and signs — ultimately, prompting the 78-year-old career politician to react on Saturday.

On the heels of a sweeping and controversial vaccine mandate, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a drone strike that reportedly killed an innocent family in Kabul, including seven children, Americans are calling out President Joe Biden, Breitbart reported.

On Saturday, when asked what is going through his mind on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 at the place where United 93 crashed, Joe Biden said in part, “I’m thinking about today is what these people … What would the people who died be thinking?”

“They think it makes sense to be doing this kinda thing where you ride down the street and see a sign that says ‘F so-and-so’?” he asked, appearing to put his irritation on full display.

Catturd on Twitter responded to Biden’s remarks, expressing, “The F Joe Biden signs are triggering him”.

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Joe Biden was also booed at during a 9/11 memorial service on Saturday:

It seems “F**k Joe Biden” is becoming a national catchphrase:

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