‘Decertify The Election Of 2020 & Recall The Electors’: AZ Sec. Of State Candidate Finchem On Maricopa Cty Canvass Report

[Image: Candidate for Arizona Secretary of State Mark Finchem on Bannon's War Room May 18, 2021. Rumble video screenshot.]

Arizona State representative (R) and candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, Mark Finchem, is calling for the decertification of Arizona’s electors, alongside State Senator Wendy Rogers (R).

Finchem’s declaration comes after Liz Harris, a Republican grassroots organizer, spoke to host Steve Bannon on “War Room” Wednesday, disclosing voting discrepancies in Maricopa County, which was conducted through canvasing. She released a report of the audit on Tuesday.

“An estimated 173,104 votes are missing or lost, as reported to our volunteers who went door to door verifying registration and voting information for thousands of residents. These are American citizens living in Maricopa County who cast a vote, primarily by mail, in the election and yet there is no record of their vote with the county and it was not counted in the reported vote totals for the election,” according to the canvass report.

“Additionally an estimated 96,389 mail-in votes were cast under the names of registered voters who were either unknown to the residents of the registration address or who were verified as having moved away prior to October 2020″, the report states.

In a series of tweets, Arizona State representative reacted to the release of the canvass report, highlighting some of the results of the independent canvas and calling for Arizona to decertify and recall the electors.

“WE MUST AUDIT AND CANVASS EVERYWHERE. This fraud has been going on a lot longer than 2020,” Finchem wrote. Continued Below

“I am calling it. Between the preliminary audit results and the private canvass, I call on Arizona to decertify the election of 2020 and recall the electors. There is already enough evidence to show clear and convincing fraud. We have a duty to act,” the Arizona Secretary of State candidate urged.

“Not only do we need a forensic audit of every county in Arizona, we need an official canvass of the election and of the voter rolls in every county in Arizona. If the DOJ wants to obstruct, they can pound sand,” he expressed, appearing to take aim at Pamela Karlan, principal deputy assistant attorney general, who in May, issued a warning regarding the Arizona audit of 2020 election ballots in Maricopa County, saying it could be violating both federal voting and civil rights laws.

In a letter obtained by CNN, Karlan voiced concern to Arizona Senate President Karen Fann (R)– that giving election material to Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based contractor conducting the audit, might be a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1960, as previously reported by The Freedom Times. Continued Below

“Ghost votes, fantom votes 96,00+ from ‘mail-in’ votes extrapolated from Maricopa #’s. 1 Voter reports got a mail-in ballot every elec since ’12. Ballots returned but counted? How did that get into the system? Data shows while she kept the ballot, it was counted. Where is DOJ?” Finchem asked.

“YOU WERE RIGHT! @RudyGiuliani @JennaEllisEsq. So glad we gave you the chance to reveal the corruption on Nov 30, ’20 in PHX. We must send a signal to the People of Arizona that we have the courage to decertify an election that is rife with fraud and reclaim the 2020 Electors,” he said.

Former US military intelligence officer and statistical analyst Seth Keshel, who released a report last month over the 2020 election, also presented graphs during “War Room” on Wednesday, explaining why it “was too close to certify Maricopa County”, regarding not just the presidential election, but U.S. Senate, representatives, and more.

Fast forward to the 21:00 mark into the video:

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Rep. Finchem also reported that he is “honored” to be “endorsed” by Seth Keshel.

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