U.S. Congressman Confirmed to Be ‘Completely Safe’ after Reportedly Going Missing in Afghanistan

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U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) is confirmed to be “completely safe” in wake of reports that he went missing while trying to enter Afghanistan.

According to The Washington Post, the Republican Congressman is on a “rogue evacuation mission,” ignoring warnings from the State Department not to travel to the country.

Rep. Mullin’s last known communication took place when he reportedly contacted the embassy in Tajikistan in an attempt to move cash into Afghanistan.

“Embassy officials told Mullin they could not assist him in skirting Tajikistan’s laws on cash limits on his way to visiting one of the most dangerous places on earth,” the Post reported. “As of late Tuesday, U.S. officials said they were unsure of Mullin’s location.”

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Just before midnight, Rep. Mullin’s communications director, Meredith Blanford released a statement confirming that the congressman is “completely safe” and is continuing his mission in Afghanistan.

“Congressman Mullin has been and is currently completely safe,” Blanford tweeted. “He & the Office of Oklahoma’s Second District will continue to do anything in our power to bring home all Americans from the war zone that President Biden abandoned. The safety & security of the American people will always be his top priority.”

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Meredith Blanford’s Official Tweet

In ending, here is the statement Rep. Mullin released after learning that the final U.S. troops were withdrawn from Afghanistan: