Gorka Discloses ‘Evidence’ Alleging the State Dept Is ‘Blocking’ the Rescue of 86 Americans from Afghanistan

GorkaVideo Screenshot

Sebastian Gorka disclosed “evidence” passed to him from one of his sources that suggests Joe Biden’s State Department is blocking a rescue mission to fly 86 stranded Americans out of Afghanistan.

The person involved in the mission is a “counterterrorism” insider, according to Gorka, and allegedly obtained an email from the State Department directing nations in the region not to allow rescue flights carrying Americans and U.S. allies into their countries.

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“We have evidence that the State Department — Antony Blinken’s State Department, Biden’s State Department — is telling nations of the region not to allow rescue flights to land in their countries,” Gorka said before reading the email that was sent to his colleague.

“Our friends and U.S. citizens are being betrayed right now by Biden,” he added.

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