Former Marine Lashes Out on ‘Scumbags’ Who Lead America: ‘They Disgust Me As Much As the Taliban Disgusts Me’

Jesse Kelly, BidenVideo Screenshots

“No patriotism at at, no love of country at all — this is all politics,” former Marine and conservative commentator Jesse Kelly said when asked by Fox host Tucker Carlson what he thinks about the leadership seen out of the Biden Administration in wake of the Kabul attacks that killed 13 U.S. servicemen.

“That’s why I’m as full of hate and rage right now as I have been probably since 9/11,” he added.

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“I know for a fact either mothers or wives or somebody like that, they’re getting a phone call tonight or will be getting a phone call shortly. And they will find out husband’s never coming home again, daddy’s never coming home again, my son’s never coming home again,” said Kelly.

“And I know for a fact the scumbags in the White House who run this country, they’re sitting around a table as we speak,” he speculated. “And they’re not worried about mommy. They’re not worried daddy. They’re not worried about that kid. They’re worried about poll numbers… They’re worried [about] what poll is well.”

“These people disgust me. They disgust me as much as the Taliban disgusts me. I’m so grossed out by the people who lead this country. Our warriors deserve so much better,” Jesse declared. Video Below