WATCH: New Trump Ad Slams Joe Biden’s Leadership Amid Afghanistan Fallout

Biden, TalibanVideo Screenshots

45th President Donald Trump’s political action committee, Save America, released a new campaign-style ad targeting Joe Biden’s leadership in wake of the tragic turn of events that transpired in Afghanstan following Biden’s troop withdrawal strategy in the Central Asian country.

The 90-second video montage titled “Surrenderer-in-Chief” features statements made by Biden combined with a mix of footage showing chaos that American citizens and U.S. allies are facing as they try to escape the wrath of the Taliban.

A website run by the Save America PAC posted the explosive new video along with the following statement:

Joe Biden promised Americans a future of growth, strength, diplomacy, and power. He told us “America was back.” Instead, he withdrew troops from Afghanistan before removing our weapons, our allies, or even our own citizens. 

Joe Biden has backed down to our enemies and failed to protect our allies. Under Joe Biden, the Taliban is back – not America.

This is not the America we know. The media refuses to blame Biden for the destruction and tragedy he’s caused – but we will hold him responsible. We can show America the truth, and it’s up to YOU to make sure everyone sees this.

Trump’s former senior legal advisor Jenna Ellis posted the video to her Twitter account: