Bannon On The Upcoming AZ Forensic Audit Report: “This Is About Decertification Of The Electors…All Hell Is Gonna Break Loose”

[Image: Steve Bannon on "War Room"-- 8-19-21. Rumble video screenshot.]

During a Thursday airing of “Bannon’s War Room” former strategic advisor on the Trump 2020 campaign, Boris Epshteyn weighed in on the upcoming Maricopa County, Arizona forensic audit preliminary report which is said to be released soon.

“From what I understand, from what I’m hearing, you’re going to have in that report huge swings in numbers– the huge swings in numbers from the vote count that was certified, to the amount of numbers that was turned over for the audit. And again, this is just Maricopa County,” Epshteyn said.

“Remember, state wide in Arizona, the difference is about 10,000 votes. In this report, from what I understand, you’re going to see swings of ballot counts of magnitudes of that of doubled, of tripled that, which is extremely important,” Boris Epshteyn told host Steve Bannon.

“And if that is what we see in there, if that is what comes out, there’s absolutely no way that this election should have been certified for Joe Biden in Arizona,” he said.

Meanwhile, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) is leading the charge to recall electors and decertify the 2020 election, which currently has obtained 186,000 signatures, Sen. Rogers told The Freedom Times.

Bannon weighed in, predicting, “This is where it is going. This is about decertification. It is not about flipping electors to President Trump. That’s a fight that will come for another day.” Continued Below

“This is about decertification of the electors, because once it’s below 270, or even if you just do one state, all hell is gonna break loose. People are gonna go crazy. Right? People are gonna go, ‘We told you. We told you … this on 3 November’. And now, people have buyers remorse. They’ve got buyers remorse, because this was blocked by the tech oligarchs,” Bannon said. Continued Below

Bannon said big tech suppressed information “around this election in the run-up and then post that”, adding, “What they did to take a sitting president, essentially in a coup, a digital coup, to take him offline and suppress his voice. By the way, everybody needs to understand, it’s all going to come out.”

“Accountability and responsibility are going to be ascertained. And you know how we’re gonna do it? By data, by evidence, by the receipts,” he added. Video Below

Boris Epshteyn and Steve Bannon’s remarks:

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted on Thursday information over the upcoming Maricopa County forensic audit report:

Boris Epshteyn and Steve Bannon continued:

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