AZ Sen. Wendy Rogers Drops A Warning After Confirming Audit Report Is Being Prepared: ‘Stay Vigilant!’

Wendy RogersFile Photo via White Mountain Independent

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann verified on Monday that auditors who conducted Maricopa County forensic audit of the 2020 election are preparing a report to present to state lawmakers.

“Confirming audit companies are preparing the draft report to present to the senate team,” Sen. Fann tweeted on Monday in response to rumors that an audit report was underway. “Senate team will then review for accuracy and clarity for final report which will be released publicly.”

Take a look:

Just moments later, Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers also confirmed the latest audit update, and urged the public to “keep pushing” other states to conduct forensic audits after Arizona delivers their preliminary report.

Sen. Rogers, who recently announced the formation of a 50-state Election Integrity Caucus, went on to warn, “There will be many things that attempt to discredit and distract from the audit results.”

“Stay vigilant!” she exclaimed.

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