Lindell’s Team Alleges ‘Poison Pill’ Inserted in Data, ‘Insurrection Type Activities’ at Cyber Symposium

Phil WaldronVideo Screenshot

Phil Waldron, the head of the “red team” hired by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to help decipher data presented at the three-day Cyber Symposium said on Thursday that “agitators and provocateurs” were targeting attendees and performing “insurrection type activities” at the event and have been identified.

Waldron also disclosed that he received “credible information” that “there was a poison pill inserted in the data.”

At the beginning of Thursday’s program, Mr. Waldron stated as follows:

We detected disruptors inside trying to get people ejected… really radical folks outside trying to penetrate. We’ve got folks exchanging badges in the parking lot — press badges specifically. We’ve identified those agitators and provocateurs by photo imagery, validated their social media platforms.

We’ve gotten attenpts to take your personal information by some of these folks shoulder searching. So, if you’re on your cell phone or your laptop, they’re coming behind you and taking imagery, taking pictures.

The big end game is to discredit all of the legislators who have had the courage to listen, to try to hear what was presented. They’re obviously trying to subdue the message that Mike’s trying to get out. So this is typical insurrection type activities.

…We also received credible information on a threat in the data streams. There was supposedly, allegedly a credible threat that there was a poison pill inserted in the data. Video Below


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