Jesse Kelly: If the Left Cared About Inappropriate Touching by Dems, They’d Be Looking More into Biden

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Political analyst Jesse Kelly claims far left politicians and media who helped “take down” Andrew Cuomo “don’t actually care about any” of the women who accused the New York governor of sexual misconduct.

In fact, the host of the Jesse Kelly Show thinks that if the left truly cared about “inappropriate touching,” they’d be “looking a little bit more” into the actions of Joe Biden.

Appearing on Sunday’s airing of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Mr. Kelly stated as follows:

These Communists who managed to slip enough knives into Cuomo to take him down don’t actually care about any of these women. Whether they were harassed or not, none of these women were cared for by Letitia James or anyone else.

If they cared about inappropriate touching by Democrats, they’d be looking a little bit more into Joe Biden who has been doing this on camera for a long time. And none of his victims are even old enough to ride the rides at Disney without an accompanying adult.

So don’t even tell me this people actually care. They don’t care. It’s all about power.

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Kelly went on to warn Americans to “be careful what you wish for” in regards to Cuomo resigning as the next generation of Radical Democrats are “much more worse than the current generation.”

“I dare I say it. In ten years, you’ll be begging for the days of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo,” Kelly declared declared. Video Below


Here is a corresponding clip from Mr. Kelly’s interview with Tucker:

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