WATCH: Dan Bongino Calls Geraldo a ‘Dunce’ While Trading Insults on Hannity

Dan Bongino, GeraldoFox Video Screenshots

Dan Bongino and Geraldo Rivera got into another heated exchange and traded insults on Thursday’s airing of Hannity.

The drama unfolded as the two analysts discussed the rise of coronavirus cases in Florida with Sean Hannity.

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“Geraldo, it’s not my fault you never know what you’re talking about,” Bongino said. “It’s not our fault that you never research anything before you come on here.”

Geraldo replied: “You are so full of it! That’s why I hate coming on with you because you are such a cheap shot artist. You are a backstabbing cheap artist.”

Hannity interjected: “Geraldo, let Dan talk.”

Bongino responded: “He doesn’t like to do that, Sean, because he always gets caught not knowing what he’s talking about and he’s embarrassed.”

Geraldo fired back: “I’m embarrassed to be on this air with you. That’s why I’m embarrassed.”

After being told by Hannity for a second time to let Bongino talk, Geraldo replied, “As long as he’s not talking about me, I’ll let him talk.”

“You’re on this segment with me, you dunce!” Bongino exclaimed. “How am I not going to talk about you? What is wrong with you? Are you OK?” Video Below