Mark Levin on Biden: “He’s Doing More Damage to This Country Than Any Single One of Our Enemies”

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Appearing on Hannity, political commentator Mark Levin lashed out Joe Biden’s overall leadership since taking the oath of office, calling him “the most disastrous president in modern American history.”

“I don’t care if it’s by design or the fact that he’s dimwitted, but it doesn’t much matter to me,” Levin said.

He went on to slam Biden for “telling everyone to get vaccinated, while inviting people into the country who he knows” are infected with the virus that is trying to be prevented from being spread.

“This guy is a coward. He buckles to the radical left in his party. He’s a fool.” Mr. Levin continued:

Is there anything right going on in this country? Gasoline prices going up, food prices going up — anything going right in this country? The border wide open — you’re going to have people flooding into our school districts, flooding into our hospitals. Law enforcement is overwhelmed. Towns are overwhelmed.

And let me tell why he’s doing it. Let’s be blunt. He wants to turn Texas blue. He wants to turn Arizona blue. This street politician from Wilmington, Delaware — the dumbest man to ever serve in the Senate, the dumbest man to ever be vice president is now the dumbest man to ever be president. He’s got a massive ego. He’s a narcissist. He wants to go down in history as the greatest president. He’s going to go down in history as the greatest disaster. He’s doing more to weaken this country than the Communist Chinese could ever pray to do!

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Then after urging Republicans to seriously consider into options to remove Biden from office, Levin declared, “He’s doing more damage to this country, as far as I’m concerned, than any single one of our enemies.”

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