Guilfoyle: Democrats ‘Are Making It Very Easy for a Republican, Like Donald Trump, to Take Back the White House’

Kimberly GuilfoyleNewsmax Video Screenshot

“I think they’re in big trouble,” Kimberly Guilfoyle said on Tuesday while analyzing the current status of the Democratic Party on Newsmax.

“People are actually getting to see — now they’ve been able to test drive what they thought was going to be so amazing in the Biden/Harris presidency and with the elected officials in the House,” said Guilfoyle. “And people want their money back. They drove off the lot with a lemon in a big way.”

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Guilfoyle continued, “And they understand the difference because they had a robust economy, great infrastructure, America stronger, better than ever under President Trump, manufacturing jobs, all of the above. And now look what you see. The people are saying, ‘Wait a second. We actually understand and we see the difference.'”

“So there’s gonna be a reckoning at the ballot box. I fully believe that we’ll be able to take back the House, the Senate is gonna stay and it’s going to be Republican. And I’ll tell you something. They’re making it very easy for a Republican, like Donald Trump, to take back — rightfully — the White House in 2024,” she concluded.

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