Leo Terrell on Biden Confusing Obama with Trump: ‘It’s Not a Freudian Slip, but Trump Is on His Brain 24/7’

Leo Terrell, BidenFox Video Screenshot, Telegraph Video Screenshot

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell reacted to Joe Biden confusing former President Barack Obama with former President Donald Trump during a speech in Pennsylvania.

Biden blamed the mistake on a “Freudian slip,” which is defined as an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

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“Back in 2009, during the so-called Great Recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then-President Trump,” Biden said. “Excuse me, Freudian slip, that was the last president. He caused the… anyway, President Obama when I was vice-president.”


In reaction to Biden’s so-called ‘Freudian slip’, Leo Terrell stated as follows on Saturday night’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine:

First of all, it’s not a Freudian slip, but Trump is on his brain 24/7. He wanted to be the vice president under President Trump. The problem is this. President Trump cast a large shadow over the White House, the [Biden] administration and the entire Democratic Party. They are basically afraid of President Trump Judge. And Donald Trump’s accomplishments in foyr years — I’m gonna tell you right now — he exceeded the accomplishments of Obama and Biden for eight years.

One last point, they will never give Donald Trump full credit that he deserves for Operation Warp Speed. He is responsible for the vaccine. And that is a shameful attitude of the part of the Joe Biden Administration.” Video Below