‘We Are Pissed Off!’: Mark Levin Explains Why ‘the Silent Majority Is Not Going to Be Silent Anymore’

LevinFox Video Screenshot

“The silent majority is not going to be silent anymore,” Mark Levin predicts. “The American people are furious what’s happening in their country.”

The political analyst backed up his claim while making an appearance on Hannity.

Mr. Levin stated as follows:

America’s borders are wide open. We have a President of the United States who has violated immigration laws, who signs executive orders like he’s Benito Mussolini.

We’re sick and tired of hearing from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi and New York City Chuck Schumer — what they intend to do to our court system. Those courts belong to us… attacking separation of powers and our Constitutional construct.

We’re tired of the way the family is trashes in this country — the family. We’re tired of the way private property laws are treated in this country. We’re tired of a lot of things going on in this country.

Now, We The People… we are peaceful. You won’t find us running around with Molotov cocktails. You won’t find us attacking cops. We defend the cops. You won’t find us burning cities and so forth and so on. We’re not mostly peaceful. We’re 100% peaceful, but we are pissed off! And we have had enough. Now we’re done talking about it! Video Below