AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers: ‘We Have to Eject Fraud Machines’ – ‘We Need to Run’ Bret Baier ‘Out of the Republic’

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Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers called for voting machines to be ejected from Arizona and suggested forensic audits should be conducted everywhere.

The senator than lashed out at Fox News anchor Bret Baier after he apparently downplayed findings from the Maricopa County audit.

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“I want my country back,” Sen. Rogers tweeted. “We have to eject the fraud machines and we need to conduct forensic audits everywhere. They have been doing this to us a lot longer than we realize.”

She continued: “By the way, what is up with @BretBaier lying through his teeth. We need to run him out of the Republic.”

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Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers Official Tweet

Baier later denied misinforming the public when he replied to a Twitter user: “I did not say that Susan. Please review the tape. I said the investigation continues and so far officially only roughly 200 ballots have been thrown out. I said what the county says and what the critics are saying. Go watch again.”

The Fox anchor appeared to only relay information that Maricopa county officials told mainstream news sources and ignored the following bombshell findings as reported by election auditors during Thursday’s senate hearing in Arizona:

* Thousands of duplicated ballots did not have a serial number as required by state statute. Without those serial numbers it is ‘impossible’ to match the original ballot to the duplicate.

* Forensic data expert Bob Cotton stated that the Maricopa election system has not been updated with security updates since August of 2019, which is when the Dominion software was originally loaded on voting machines. Cotton also revealed that the administrator passwords to the election management system (EMS) were identical in all of the machines and were not updated since August of 2019.

* According to written records, there were about 74,000 mail-in ballots that were received by the county but there is no record that they were ever sent out.

* Records also indicate there were roughly 4,000 people who voted on election day but were not registered until after the October 15th deadline, while 18,000 people were shown to have voted on election day but then purged from the county’s voter rolls right after the election.