AZ State Sen. Townsend Calls On AZ AG Brnovich To ‘Open An Investigation Immediately’ Following Thursday’s Hearing

[Image: Arizona General Mark Brnovich (R)-- AZ Family YouTube video screenshot. Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend (R)-- American Legislative Exchange Council YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation.]

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend (R) is requesting that Arizona General Mark Brnovich (R) “open an investigation immediately” following Thursday’s Senate audit hearing over the 2020 November general election.

During the hearing, much was revealed regarding mail-in ballots, voter rolls, the voting system being breached, and subpoenaed items still missing/not handed over, as previously reported by The Freedom Times.

Senator Townsend tweeted a statement from Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Jack Sellers, who alleged the Senate leadership is “bringing incompetence”.

“At today’s briefing, the Senate’s uncertified contractors asked a lot of open-ended questions, portraying as suspicious what is actually normal and well to known to people who work in elections. In some cases they dropped bombshell numbers that are simply not accurate,” Sellers claimed.

“What we heard today represents an alternate reality that has veered out of control since the November General Election. Senate leadership should be ashamed they broadcasted the half-baked theories of the “Deep Rig” to the world today,” he said. “To Senate leaders, I say, stop accusing us of not cooperating when we have given you everything qualified auditors would need to do this job.”

“Finish your audit, release the report, and be prepared to defend in Court,” Sellers concluded. Continued Below

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend responded in a tweet, asking Arizona General Mark Brnovich to “open an investigation immediately”.

“Upon seeing this, it is very clear they have no intention in cooperating with the Senate,” Townsend wrote.

“Therefore, I am asking @GeneralBrnovich to open an investigation immediately to look at the adjudicated ballots and missing serial numbers, among many other things,” she announced. Continued Below

Senator Kelly Townsend’s tweet:

Liz Harrington, Trump’s spokesperson, tweeted the following video clips from Thursday’s hearing:

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