Kelli Ward Highlights Compelling New Findings of the AZ Audit Presented at the Senate Hearing

Kelli WardAZ GOP Twitter

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward provided an update on Thursday following the state senate hearing on the current status of the full forensic audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 election results.

Dr. Ward highlighted bombshell new findings disclosed by the audit team involving tens of thousands of ballots, which pulls the overall integrity of the 2020 election into question.

Such discoveries summarized by Ward in her video are as follows:

* Thousands of duplicated ballots did not have a serial number as required by state statute. Without those serial numbers it is ‘impossible’ to match the original ballot to the duplicate.

* Forensic data expert Bob Cotton stated that the Maricopa election system has not been updated with security updates since August of 2019, which is when the Dominion software was originally loaded on voting machines. Cotton also revealed that the administrator passwords to the election management system (EMS) were identical in all of the machines and were not updated since August of 2019.

* According to written records, there were about 74,000 mail-in ballots that were received by the county but there is no record that they were ever sent out.

*Records also indicate there were roughly 4,000 people who voted on election day but were not registered until after the October 15th deadline, while 18,000 people were shown to have voted on election day but then purged from the county’s voter rolls right after the election. Video Below