Kelli Ward Details New Phase Of Maricopa County Audit, Announces Indictment Filed By AZ’s Attorney General

Kelli WardArizona GOP Twitter

In a video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Arizona’s GOP chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward detailed a new phase of the Maricopa County forensic audit now that the hand count of over 2.1 million ballots is complete.

The chairwoman also revealed that an indictment has been filed by Arizona’ Attorney General Mark Brnovich related to votes that mysteriously were cast in the state’s election by ‘dead people’.

“The hand count was completed,” Dr. Ward said. “And the ballots were moved from the arena to a smaller, also very secure building on the property to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and additional count is underway.”

She continued: “This double-check is using machines… to do a count of the actual physical ballots. Now, these are not voting machines. They are not from Dominion or any other voting company. They are not going to be tabulating any of the votes. These machines will simply be counting the number of pages — the number of ballots. They work by stacking ballots upon them and then the machines count the corners of the pieces of paper.”

Ward said that the machines being used to double-check ballots are normally used by printing companies to accurately check how many pieces of paper are in any given stack.

“The primary reason for this double-check is that there may have been inconsistencies that were found in America’s audit,” Dr. Ward said. “This additional step will increase the time it takes to complete the audit, but as Senator Fann and the state senate in Arizona who commissioned this audit has stated, ‘Accuracy is much more important than speed.'”

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The GOP chairwoman went on to announce that an indictment has been filed by Arizona’s attorney general pertaining to votes that purportedly were cast by ‘dead people’ in the 2020 election.

“Allegedly, fraudulent votes that were cast by dead people are being investigated, and this shows the importance of purging our voter files accurately and promptly,” Dr. Ward said. “I am glad that we are sending a message that we take voter integrity seriously here in Arizona.” Video Below