WATCH: MLB Fan Nearly Gets MAGA Hat Stolen At Yankees/Mets Game, Crowd Cheers As He Puts It Back On

[Image: New York Yankees/Mets-- MAGA fan-- via Twitter Jewish Deplorable video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

A baseball fan nearly got his MAGA hat stolen by another fan at a New York Yankees/Mets over 4th of July weekend, and the crowd cheered in unity as he placed it back on his head following the incident.

Video clips of the situation have since surfaced on social media and have gone viral.

In the video filmed, after the hat was taken off by the Yankee fan to prevent it from being stolen again, people in the New York crowd can be heard chanting “Trump 2024!”

The video switched to the videographers, who appear to be friends– with one wearing a Mets jersey and the other wearing a Yankees jersey– could be heard chanting “Trump 2024!” and “Put it back on!”

When the angle switches back to the alleged victim, a police officer can be seen in the lower level talking to the man with the MAGA hat.

In another video taken by a different fan, the officer can be seen speaking to a man in a Yankees jersey, who appears to be the only fan masked in the section, and is gesturing angrily at the officer. As the would-be thief is being escorted out of the section by the officer, his female companion gets into an altercation with someone sitting with the MAGA hat wearing fan, The Post Millennial reported. Continued Below


Continued Below

The alleged victim identified as Hunter tweeted, “Thanks everyone for the moral support, it’s especially necessary during this period where we’re inundated with the narrative that Trump isn’t well liked. Stand strong and don’t be shy about expressing your political beliefs.”

He also retweeted a video clip of the incident and wrote, “Use this as a lesson for life, never cower to the mob nor bend the knee. I’ll continue wearing my hat and that’s what makes America so great. God bless @lilcrappo @gcurrycge the patriots who filmed this and narrated it like professionals.”

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