Sen. Kennedy: ‘I Don’t Know’ if Joe Is ‘Running the Show’ – ‘Biden Is Responsible Whether He’s Running the Show or Not’

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Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) doesn’t know who is ‘running the show’ at the White House, but in the end it is Joe Biden who should be held ‘responsible’ all ‘actions’ of his administration whether or not he’s calling all of the shots.

Sen. Kennedy made the assertion while appearing on Wednesday’s airing of Hannity.

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“57% of Americans, 58% of Independents, a third of Democrats believe Joe’s not running the show. Do you believe he’s running the show?” Sean Hannity asked.

“Sean, I don’t know,” replied Sen. Kennedy. I” don’t know. I just judge the man by his actions. President Biden is responsible whether he’s running the show or not.”

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