Trump To Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: “Are You Going To Be My Campaign Manager If I Do This Again? Think I Should Do It Again? Maybe We Don’t Have To. Maybe We Won’t Even Have To”

[Image: 45th President Donald Trump at southern border in TX 6-30-21. OAN video screenshot.]

45th President Donald Trump visited the southern border in Weslaco, TX on Wednesday, participating in a round table border security briefing with state officials and law enforcement.

Trump also gave remarks alongside TX Governor Greg Abbott near an area of the unfinished border wall, slamming Joe Biden and Democrats for “destroying our country”, adding that it “all started with a fake election.” He also hinted at running for 2024, but suggested “Maybe we won’t even have to.”

While giving remarks and thanking officials and lawmakers, Trump joked to TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: “Are you going to be my campaign manager if I do this again? Think I should do it again? You think? Maybe we don’t have to. Maybe we won’t even have to.”

“You know, I say, all Biden had to do was go to the beach. If he had just done nothing, we would have now the strongest border we’ve ever had,” President Donald Trump said, in part, regarding border security.

“Biden is destroying our country and it all started with a fake election. And you take a look at New York right now. New York went through an election, the mayor of New York and it is so mixed up and messed up. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it, but I did,” Trump said, referring to “test votes” disregarded in NY for Eric Adams. “… And now we talk about the big one, because the big one was won by a very different person.”

Trump also slammed Democrats who are alleging that Republicans want to “defund the police” and stop the building of the wall:

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President Donald Trump’s full remarks:

President Trump during the round table event: