Rep. Mo Brooks To Jim Acosta: “I Do Not Do Interviews With CNN Because I Do Not Trust CNN To Be Honorable Or Truthful”

[Image: Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) and CNN's Jim Acosta-- Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) declined to take questions on Saturday over the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6 from CNN’s Abilio James Acosta– who goes by Jim– directly telling the far-left cable news activist that he does not trust the network to report on him fairly or accurately.

“Congressman, is there any way we can get you to talk about Jan. 6?” Acosta wondered as Rep. Brooks was unlocking his bike outside the Capitol on Saturday.

“I do not do interviews with CNN, because I do not trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” Rep. Mo Brooks told Jim Acosta.

Acosta then asked Mr. Brooks if he believed “Antifa was behind Jan. 6,” which prompted the Alabama congressman to reply: “I’ve already said what I’m going to say. I don’t trust ya’ll to be truthful or honest.”

Acosta tried again, asking Rep. Brooks if he “regrets what he said on January 6”, and Brooks reiterated that he does not trust CNN.

“I’m just asking you questions. I’m asking you fair questions, sir, why can’t you answer the question?” Acosta demanded. Continued Below

“I do not trust you all to be truthful or honest with anything CNN does,” Mr. Brooks repeated again.

“See ya,” Rep. Brooks then told Acosta, throwing his leg over his bicycle and peddled away. “You guys will lie through your teeth any chance you get.”

Rep. Brooks was the first member of Congress to announce he would object against the Electoral College’s vote for Joe Biden. Video Below

Jim Acosta tweeted the exchange on Twitter Saturday:

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) appeared to agree with Rep. Mo Brooks.

As reported by The Epoch Times on June 19, 2021:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) claimed that 95 percent of media are the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and urged Republicans to stop talking to them or going on TV with them.

“I still—for the life of me—can’t understand why Republicans talk to 95 percent of the media, which is fake news,” Nunes told Alex Marlow, host of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. “But look, fake news isn’t the proper term. It’s the propaganda arm of the Democrat Socialist Party. That’s what it is.”

“So it’s no different than the Chinese Communist Party—it’s the propaganda they put out. [It’s] no different than what the Soviet Union did with the old Pravda media. And it’s, quite frankly, no different than how Putin controls the media today, where 95 percent of his media in Russia is propaganda for the Putin regime,” Nunes continued.

Nunes said it frustrated him that Republicans didn’t treat the media as a propaganda machine for the left.

“I tell my colleagues all the time, would you walk into the Democratic National Committee and do an interview with their top lawyers and top investigators? Would you do that? But of course, they all say, ‘Well, of course not.’ Then why are you talking? Why are you going on television with these kooks? I mean, you’re just going into the propaganda machine.”

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