General Flynn Reacts After Bill Kristol Says He ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ By Flynn Presidential Bid

[Image: Bill Kristol- February 27, 2021-- ABC News (Australia) YouTube video screenshot. General Michael Flynn March 9, 2021-- Harvard Kennedy School- Institute of Politics YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

GOP political analyst Bill Kristol said on Twitter Sunday that he wouldn’t be surprised if former national security adviser and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn ran for president, should former President Trump opt out of the race in 2024.

General Flynn responded to Kristol’s assessment, telling the Never-Trumper: “Bill– you’re a spent round and need to simply go away.”

In a series of tweets on Sunday, Bill Kristol claimed that recent verbal attacks former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson made about the military are meant to appeal to “aggrieved troops and vets, and to divide the military and subvert civilian control.”

Without mentioning Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley by name, the 45th President rebuked “woke” propaganda such as critical race theory in American schools and military during a Saturday evening rally in Wellington, Ohio.

Tucker Carlson sharply criticized the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Thursday, calling him a “pig” and “stupid” and saying he got his job because he was obsequious and told his superiors what they wanted to hear.

Kristol wrote on Twitter Sunday: “Trump voters are pro-military. Why are Trump and Carlson attacking the military?” But the attack is on ‘woke generals,’ the ‘brass,’ and disloyal civilians in charge. It’s an attempt to appeal to aggrieved troops and vets, and to divide the military and subvert civilian control”. Continued Below

Kristol claimed such rhetoric “a classic move from the authoritarian playbook”, adding, “Or from the fascist playbook”.

Kristol then said he “wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Flynn becomes ever more central to the Trumpist movement.”

“Military man, killed terrorists, fired by Obama, persecuted by the deep state, Trump loyalist, and QAnon. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran if Trump doesn’t in 2024,” Kristol alleged. Continued Below

In response, General Michael Flynn fired back at Kristol in a statement Telegram Sunday:

Bill, You forgot to add my case was dismissed for egregious government misconduct after an independent AAG reviewed how much lying, deception and despicable conduct was committed by the DOJ and the FBI (and other USG agencies, activities and departments).

You also fail to add the testimony from the senior FBI agent responsible for Crossfire Hurricane (Agent Barnett, see his 302 OCT 2020) where he states the entire Russia hoax was designed to “get flynn to get trump.”

Bill—you’re a spent round and need to simply go away. You have been wrong about everything for the past 4 decades!

I forgot to add, we still have ZERO accountability from Durham or DOJ for this egregious government misconduct. A nation that has neither courage nor accountability is not a nation that will last long. Continued Below

Bill Kristol’s tweets:

General Michael Flynn’s response:

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President Donald Trump rebuked “woke” propaganda such as critical race theory in American schools and military during his rally in Ohio Saturday:

Tucker Carlson’s remarks:

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