Jesse Watters: ‘We Got Catfished Last Year – All the Lies Were Designed to Install Biden’

Watters, BidenFox Video Screenshot, ABC News

“Did you ever date somebody for a while and after you break-up you realize the whole relationship was fake and everything she told you was bull.. all of your big moments were meaningless? That’s 2020,” Fox News host Jesse Watters declared at the start of his Saturday night commentary on Watters World.

“We got catfished last year,” he added. “All the lies were designed to install Biden.”

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Watters continued, “The media actually broke itself dragging Joe across the finish line. The press died from all of the lies. That’s one of the side effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Now that Biden has been installed, the truth is finally coming out. It has a way of doing that, and it’s stunning,” he proclaimed.

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