Vernon Jones Turns The Tables On AZ Reporter Over The Maricopa County Audit: “Next Question”

Fifield, Vernon JonesVideo Screenshots

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones stumped a journalist as the pair got into a heated exchange during a press conference in Arizona on Wednesday.

The situation unfolded as Jones was taking questions after examining the process of the Maricopa County forensic audit with Bernard Kerik — former commissioner of the New York Police Department.

Jen Fifield of The Arizona Republic denied that she was being biased after questioning Jones how he felt about efforts made by ‘Republican’ individuals, including Christina Bobb of One America News, to raise money for the audit.

Jones: “Then why did you tell me ‘Who is funding it’ then?”

Fifield: “I was setting up my question.”

Jones: “So let me say this, whoever is funding it, is it taxpayers dollars? Have you done your research? Is it taxpayers dollars?”

Fifield: “There’s $ 150,000 coming from taxpayers.”

Jones: “Taxpayers. So private money is private money. They can do what they want. Did they break the law?”

Fifield: “I did not say that.”

Jones: “Ma’am, I’m just asking, have they broken the law? On who’s funding what, have they broken the law? Ma’am, I’m just asking, have private investors who have invested in this, have they broken the law?

Fifield: * looks at OAN’s Christina Bobb *

Jones: “No, don’t look at her, look right here. Did they break the law? All I’m asking, ma’am I want to be very respectful, here is my question, when you mention who is funding this audit and you said private people, including OAN…whoever is funding it, if it’s private dallars is that illegal?”

Fifield: “If private money is paying for a public audit, I don’t know if that breaks any laws or not.

Jones: Wait a minute. If private money is paying for a public audit?… Okay, I’ll take the next question.


Here is the full interview: