Gen. Flynn On Audits In Multiple Battleground States: “They Are Coming- We’re Going To See A Lot Of Truth”

[Image: Lt. General Michael Flynn interview on "Flashpoint" 6/9/21. Rumble video screenshot.]

During a Wednesday interview on “Flashpoint”, Lt. General Michael Flynn weighed in on the Maricopa County forensic audit being conducted in Arizona over the 2020 November general election and predicted that multiple battleground states will follow suit.

“… The rest of the world is watching one county in this country right now. And I’m not just talking about a couple swing states, I’m talking about the entire world. The entire freedom-loving world is watching Maricopa County,” General Flynn suggested.

Most recently, a delegation from Pennsylvania visited Arizona to tour the Maricopa County audit. General Flynn said the lawmakers who visited AZ will most likely “take the initiative on to do a forensic audit in Pennsylvania.”

“Wisconsin, if I’m not mistaken, … delegation is supposed to be down in Maricopa, and all of the things that we are learning. … My assessment is that in the next probably in 3 to 4 weeks, maybe less, but certainly, 3 to 4 weeks, we’re gonna see out of Arizona and out of a couple other places, probably Georgia– we’re gonna see some real bombshells, to use an old term there that’s probably been overused, Mr. Flynn predicts.

“But, we’re gonna see some things come out in these audits … that are just gonna shock everybody. And frankly, everybody that’s been paying attention and watching this thing, it won’t be shocking. It won’t be surprising. People are gonna go, ‘See, we’ve been saying this all along,'” he said.

“So all of the media that have been talking about these conspiracies theorist people like me and Patrick [Byrne] and Sidney [Powell] and others who have been out there, Mike Lindell. These aren’t conspiracy theories. These are real things that have happened. The election was clearly misappropriated, stolen. Whatever word you want to use. And now the discovery of the evidence is starting to come to light, and I think we’re gonna see it in droves in a couple of states, not just Maricopa County in Arizona,” General Flynn foresees. Video Below

Lt. General Michael Flynn’s remarks:

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General Flynn also speculates audits in multiple battleground states will become inevitable, saying “They are coming– we’re going to see a lot of truth.”

“If there is one thing I would say about these audits: what is the purpose of an audit? It’s to discover the truth,” he said. “I’m telling you, no state– Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia for certain– have done a valid audit. Because if they did a valid audit, then we would discover the truth, and they do not want to discover the truth.”

“If you think this last election in November was done perfectly, you’re nuts. … There is no way in the world that we have a legitimate leader in the president, based on the outcome of 3 November election. No way,” he expressed. Video Below

Lt. General Michael Flynn’s remarks:

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