Don Jr.: ‘I’m Really Curious To See What Else’ Trump ‘Will Be Proven Right About…In The Next Few Months’

[Image: Donald Trump Jr. during an interview on "Flash Point" 6/9/21. Rumble video screenshot.]

Donald Trump Jr., during a Wednesday interview on “Flash Point”, weighed in on election integrity, specifically as more states are leaning toward conducting their own forensic audits, similar to Maricopa County’s current audit.

“I’m just excited to see some of these legislatures taking some of this stuff on. … We need more people willing to engage, more people willing to step up,” Don Jr. expressed.

“If we all sort of ban together, they can’t cancel us. You get worried about being isolated. You know, I’ve been canceled so many times, it’s actually sort of refreshing now at this point,” Donald Trump Jr. joked. “Once you get over that sort of initial notion, and we ban together and push back accordingly, we can get through some of the nonsense that the left is pushing.”

“It’s awesome to see these state legislatures doing this,” he said of battleground states potentially about to start forensic audits. “You gotta look into it.”

“There’s a lot of things we discussed in the last segment: Donald Trump was criticized, and I can’t believe he’s spreading this information,” he said, appearing to mock the media and Washington D.C. establishment politicians. “Guess what? It turned out he was right”.

“So I’m really curious to see what else he will be proven right about, because they would never give him the win last time. We saw that,” Don Jr. added. Video Below

Donald Trump Jr.’s remarks:

Don Jr. also pointed out on Twitter Wednesday:

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Donald Trump Jr.’s full interview begins at the 32:12 mark into the video:

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