Right After FB Hits Trump With 2-Year Ban, Jason Miller Confirms New Social Media Platform ‘Is On The Way’

Jason Miller, ZuckerbergFox Video Screenshot, CNET Video Screenshot

Former President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Jason Miller signaled that a new social media platform “is on the way” and will cause Big Tech leftists’ “heads to explode” when they see just “how good” it is.

Miller gave the indication just hours after Facebook announced the 45th President will be banned from there platform for two years, until January 7, 2023,  which will be retroactive from when he was initially suspended from their platform.

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The social media platform said Trump will then be subject to another review to evaluate the “risk to public safety” before determining if his suspension will expire.

In response, Jason Miller tweeted, “Good news is, a new social media platform is on the way.”

“Stay tuned…their heads are going to explode at how good this thing is,” he added. See Below

Jason Miller’s Official Tweet