Lin Wood Calls For 2020 Election Audits In All 50 States: ‘Excellent Investment Of Tax Dollars’

Lin WoodPhoto Credit: CNN

Lin Wood is calling for U.S. tax dollars to be allocated towards ‘election integrity’ that should include a full audit of ballots cast in 2020 elections across all 50 states.

The latest suggestion made by the high-profile attorney comes as Arizona is nearly halfway done with their full forensic audit while other battleground states appear to be on the verge of conducting their own separate investigations of the November 3rd contest.

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“Election integrity is of PARAMOUNT importance to our remaining a FREE country,” Wood wrote.
“If an election is fraudulent or unlawful, our country loses the rule of law. Then we lose our freedoms.”

“There is a huge level of concern among We The People that the November 2020 election was fraudulent and/or unlawful,” he continued. “Given the importance of election integrity to our country and its future, it seems to me like it would be an excellent investment of tax dollars to have the 2020 elections audited in ALL states.”

“What’s the harm?” Wood questioned. “We spend trillions of paper dollars on projects that are a heck of lot less important than election integrity. Just sayin.’” See Below

Lin Wood Releases A Statement Via Telegram