Jenna Ellis Says ‘President Trump Is Not Going To Be Reinstated’; Lin Wood Reacts: “I Disagree With Jenna”

[Image: Former senior legal adviser and counsel to President Donald Trump Jenna Ellis-- Just Truth YouTube video screenshot. Attorney Lin Wood-- Telegram video screenshot. 45th President Donald Trump-- Fox News video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Sidney Powell suggested that former President Donald Trump should be “reinstated” and a “new inauguration date” if the results of pending audits and investigations indicate that he actually won the 2020 election. The high-profile attorney made the hypothetical assertion while appearing at the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup” event in Dallas, Texas over the weekend, as previously reported by The Freedom Times.

Former senior legal adviser and counsel to President Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis, took to Twitter Sunday, saying, “President Trump is not going to be ‘reinstated'”, however, attorney Lin Wood, disagrees.

Asked by podcaster Doug Billings what she thinks would happen if results of audits and investigations flip to show that President Trump won enough disputed states, like Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and he is perceived to be the actual winner of the 2020 election, Sidney Powell stated as follows:

“There are cases where elections have been overturned, but there’s never been one at the presidential level, which everyone will jump to point out. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. There’s always a first case. And as far as I know this is the first case of abject fraud and obtaining a coup of the United States of America. So it’s going to have to be dealt with.”

“It should be that he can simply be reinstated, that a new inauguration date is set and Biden is told to move out of the White House and President Trump should be moved back in.”

“I’m sure there’s not going to be credit for time lost, unfortunately, because the Constitution itself sets the date for inaugurations, but he definitely should get the remainder of his term and make the best of it. That’s for sure.” Continued Below

Jenna Ellis appeared to weigh in over what Sidney Powell had stated during the event, writing on Twitter, “The election was lawless, six states allowed their delegates to vote by false certifications, but the EC process happened. The Constitution has only one process for removal of a sitting president: impeachment and conviction. No, President Trump is not going to be ‘reinstated'”.

“The best thing we can do as constitutionalists moving forward is to ensure this utter disregard for states’ election laws never happens again. That’s why election integrity is the number one issue facing America today,” she said.

“Even if Biden/Harris were impeached and convicted, there is a constitutionally prescribed presidential succession. The states had their opportunity to cure the corruption before January 20; they refused. This is what @RudyGiuliani and I told them. This is entirely on the GOP,” Ellis wrote. Continued Below

“Is this fair? No. Did Trump win? Yes. Were the GOP state legislatures utterly spineless? Absolutely. But Americans follow the Constitution. And just because we can’t ‘reinstate’ Trump does NOT mean we give up or that we lost. If our founders gave up, we’d still be British!” Ellis added.

Attorney Lin Wood reacted to Ellis’ assessment, saying on Telegram Sunday, “I disagree with Jenna.”

“I note as a matter of Constitutional law, impeachment is the removal process for a duly and lawfully elected President of the United States. In my opinion, Joey ‘Bribes’ Biden does not qualify for impeachment! I do note that there was an effort made to impeach President Trump after January 20,” he wrote.

“Keep researching. Use your common sense. Connect the dots. And rest well!” Wood added.  Video Below

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