Judge Jeanine Slams Kamala Harris Over Her Memorial Day Weekend Tweet: “This Clueless Woman Should Never Be One Step Away From The Presidency”

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Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Kamala Harris over her ‘ignorance’ regarding a tweet that was posted on Saturday

Harris tweeted a photo of herself with the caption “Enjoy the long weekend.” But she failed to mention anything about Memorial Day and why it’s significant for the “long weekend.”

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Judge Jeanine retweeted Harris’ message and replied, “As the proud daughter and granddaughter of 2 vets, I’m disgusted by Kamala’s ignorance about Memorial Day.”

“This clueless woman should never be one step away from the Presidency,” she added. “@VP watch my Closing Statement tonight and I’ll remind you what this ‘long weekend’ is truly about.”

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Judge Jeanine Replies To Kamala Harris

We leave you with Judge Jeanine’s closing statement that she was referring to in her response to Harris: