“Shame, Shame, Shame”: Trump Blasts ‘Far Higher’ Gas Prices Ahead Of Memorial Day Weekend

[Image: 45th President Donald J. Trump-- OAN Rumble video screenshot. Memorial Day Weekend national avg. gas price-- Fox Business YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

The 45th President issued a statement Thursday via “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”, wishing Americans “a great Memorial Day Weekend!”

According to AAA, more than 37 million people are expected to travel more than 50 miles this year. Most will travel by car. The former president, in his statement, however, blasted the “far higher” gasoline prices the country is enduring, under the Biden administration, ahead of the holiday weekend.

Gas prices are expected to hit a seven-year high between May 27 and May 31, reflecting both high demand and the impact of a temporary shutdown to the Colonial Pipeline following a recent cyberattack, CNBC reported.

Former President Donald Trump said Thursday, “With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, tomorrow people start driving in the biggest automobile days of the year. I’m sorry to say the gasoline prices that you will be confronted with are far higher than they were just a short number of months ago where we had gasoline under $2 a gallon.”

“Remember as you’re watching the meter tick, and your dollars pile up, how great of a job Donald Trump did as President. Soon Russia and the Middle East will be making a fortune on oil, and you will be saying how good it was to have me as your President,” he suggested.

“Wasn’t it great to be energy independent, but we are energy independent no more. Shame, shame, shame. Other than that, have a great Memorial Day Weekend!” Trump expressed. Continued Below

President Donald Trump’s official statement:

GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan and Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo report:


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