Don Lemon Claims The GOP ‘Stands For Nothing But One Very Unworthy Man’; Leo Terrell Levels Him: “That Is Complete Fear”

Leo Terrell, Don LemonFoz Video Screenshot, CNN Video Screenshot

Appearing on Saturday’s airing of Justice With Judge Jeanine, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell reacted to CNN’s Don Lemon slamming the future of the Republican party in wake of Rep. Liz Cheney being ousted from her role as Republican Conference Chair.

Lemon cited Cheney’s statement given after being voted out of her House leadership role, where she warned of an “ongoing threat” that former President Donald Trump poses to the future of the GOP and America.

“What Liz Cheney is warning about is a Republican Party that stands for nothing but one very unworthy man,” Lemon told his viewers.

In response, Mr. Terrell recalled that former President Trump “brought 12 additional million people” to the Republican party during his re-election, which includes “more Blacks, more Hispanics.”

“When you hear Don Lemon attack President Trump, that’s fear,” Leo said. “That is complete fear.”

“I’ll tell you right now, we have buyer’s remorse right now,” he added. “And when Americans compare what we experienced during the Trump administration — who accomplished more than eight years of Obama/Biden administration — it is buyer’s remorse in and of itself. Nothing short of that.”