“Lawyer Up, CNN”: James O’Keefe Comes Forward & Unveils His New Lawsuit Against CNN

[Image: Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe-- YouTube video screenshot. Ana Cabrera and Brian Stelter of CNN-- Project Veritas video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Project Veritas sued CNN in a federal court Monday for defamation as the network deceptively characterized on air the initial ban of the official Project Veritas Twitter account, according to PV’s founder James O’Keefe.

O’Keefe released a video Monday, urging the leftwing cable network, “Lawyer up, CNN”.

“Today we’re filing a lawsuit against CNN for defamation. Just last week, we sued Twitter for defamation. All this comes off the heels of our win in the New York state Supreme Court in a historic motion granting us discovery into The New York Times in a defamation action after they called us deceptive,” James O’Keefe said.

O’Keefe said on February 11, 2021, Twitter “permanently banned Project Veritas” for allegedly “posting private information”.

The Project Veritas founder pointed out that Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) grilled Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey over the social media company “taking down” a video of when PV confronted a Facebook executive from his front lawn.

“Here’s the thing, I can show you a video of CNN doing the exact same thing to an old woman, who is a Trump supporter, in her front yard. I’ve looked at both videos. It’s an apples to apples comparison. CNN remains up. Project Veritas was taken down,” Crenshaw told Dorsey. Continued Below

“Yet, on February 14, CNN Ana Cabrera falsely stated on air that Project Veritas’s deplatforming was part of a ‘crackdown to try to stop the spread of misinformation and to hold some people who are spreading it accountable. For example, Twitter has suspended the account of Project Veritas'” O’Keefe pointed out while playing Cabera’s remarks in the video.

“However, three days prior, Ana Cabera actually tweeted out ‘Twitter permanently bans Project Veritas for repeated violations of Twitter’s policies prohibiting sharing people’s private information’. So Cabera knew when she tweeted out three days prior, the reason was posting private information, then she said on air, ‘promoting misinformation'”, he noted.

“Two completely different things,” O’Keefe explained. Video Below

Mr. O’Keefe also pointed out that CNN’s Brian Stelter said on the air that Project Veritas had “multiple violations”, but the PV founder argued, “We’re only aware of one” Twitter violation.

“Perhaps the irony here is everyone in the media accuses us of misinformation, when that’s precisely what they do. … Stay tuned. And lawyer up, CNN,” he urged.

Meanwhile, CNN’s tweet remains up on Twitter: