Watch: Adam Carolla Likens Joe Biden To A ‘Drunken Airline Pilot’

Comedian and radio personality Adam Carolla likened Joe Biden’s leadership to a “drunken airline pilot, during a recent interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

I don’t think Joe Biden means anything he says. I don’t think there’s anything that comes out of his mouth that he means,” Carolla told Tucker.

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“It’s insanity. It’s reckless. It’s irresponsible… sort of insane,” Carolla added. “It’s really sort of the equivalent to your pilot being drunk.”

“‘Yea so he drinks a little… He has a co-pilot.’ It is kind of that,” he continued in a mocking undertone. “‘Well, he doesn’t want to kill anybody. Yea, but I know, he’s a drunken airline pilot.’ That’s kind of… that’s what Biden is to me.”

“It’s just saying horrible, divisive things that has got us going at break-neck speed in apart from one another,” Carolla proclaimed. Video Below