General Flynn Drops A Warning: “The Hard Left Is Working Overtime to Dismantle Our Constitution & Our Constitutional Republic”

Retired U.S. Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn is convinced that the “hard left” in America is “working overtime to dismantle” the U.S. Constitution at a time that the nation is facing a “massive, major transition point.”

Appearing on FlashPoint, Flynn warned that progressives and liberals are trying to transition America from a constitutional republic as designed by the Founding Fathers and into a path that leads to nationwide socialism.

General Flynn stated as follows:

“The hard left in our country is working overtime to dismantle our Constitution and our constitutional republic. Everybody needs to understand that.

“…This is a very, very serious time. We are facing a transition in our country — transitioning from one path, which is a continuation of this experiment in democracy via our constitutional republic process and our Constitution and our freedoms and everything that comes with that — the sacrifices that come with that.

“And the other path is this path towards socialism, Marxism, communism. They like to use cool words like progressivism and liberalism, but really amounts to socialist state and state-controlled.

“…That’s really the two paths that we are on. It is a massive, major transition point in the United States of America.”


In ending, here is a clip from the same interview where General Flynn warns viewers not to trust any politician who is already considering running in the 2024 election.