Leo Terrell Breaks Down Crying While Discussing The Impact Of School Shutdowns On Child Suicide

Leo Terrell, Martha MacCallumFox Video Screenshots, TFT Compilation

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell got emotional while discussing the level of impact that school shutdowns have had on children’s mental health.

Mr. Terrell was giving his response to a recent segment of The Story, where Fox host Martha MacCallum interviewed parents who lost their children to suicide during the pandemic.

While it remains unclear the role that the pandemic had on children taking their lives, Mr. Terrell — who used to teach history and economics to middle and high school students — broke down in tears as he related to why seclusion from teachers could be a contributing factor since the school environment is a place for children to seek help during dark times.

“Kids lost… their ability to interact with teachers,” Leo said. “These kids lost the chance to communicate with their school teachers, who sometimes provide an alternative in that transitional period — 12 and 17.”

“Teachers can be a great resource. Teachers can provide sort of counseling that was denied to these kids,” he added before breaking down crying. “They lost that opportunity.”

“These kids lost that opportunity due to politics and all of the games. The schools should have been opened,” Terrell proclaimed. “Teachers provide an alternative for kids to express their concerns, their sorrows. And that was taken away. That’s what’s so painful.” Video Below

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In ending, here is a clip from The Story, where a parent details their personal experience with child suicide: