Jason Miller Indicates The 45th President Could Visit The Border ‘Soon’: “I Could See A Trip Some Point In The Future”

[Image: Trump advisor Jason Miller-- Fox Business video screenshot. 45th President Donald Trump at Texas border Jan. 12, 2021-- The Telegraph video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Senior advisor to former President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, indicated that the 45th President could visit the southern border “soon” as the Biden administration is struggling to handle the surge of unaccompanied migrant children and illegal aliens seeking entry to the U.S.

Immigration and border security was a staple of Trump’s campaign and presidency, and President Joe Biden worked swiftly to dismantle the policies of his predecessor. With record-high numbers of children now in border custody, Biden has faced heavy criticism for his approach to immigration, and Republicans continue to venture to the southern border as a contrast to Biden’s lack of a trip, Newsweek reported.

Jason Miller told Michael Berry on his podcast on Thursday, “I could see [Trump] doing that soon” regarding visiting the southern border.

“Not immediately, but I could see a trip some point in the future here, but it is something that President Trump is really concerned about,” Miller said.

Former President Trump visited the US-Mexico border wall near Alamo, Texas before leaving office, and the reason he has not gone since, according to Miller, is because he wanted to let Biden “fail on his own.”

Miller added that there was a “very fine line” between criticizing someone on policies and showboating. He also said that Trump didn’t want his trip to give Biden an opportunity to downplay the situation– which Miller called an “absolute disaster”– and say that Trump was “making a scene out of this,” Newsweek reported. Continued Below

Jason Miller’s interview with Michael Berry:

In a statement on Sunday, the 45th President called for the border wall to be completed, saying that he handed Biden the “most secure border in history.”

He also criticized Biden for turning a “national triumph into a national disaster” and charged the administration for causing “death and human tragedy.” Continued Below

45th President Donald Trump’s statement:

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