Don Jr. Doubles Down After Being Outed For Sharing ‘Edited Video’ Of Trump Hitting Biden With Golf Balls

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Donald Trump Jr. got called out by a major media outlet for posting an “edited video” of former President Trump knocking down Joe Biden with multiple golf balls.

In an article titled “Trump Jr. shares edited video showing father knocking Biden down with golf ball,” The Hill reported: “The 9-second clip begins with former President Trump on a golf course hitting a ball before cutting to footage of Biden from Friday when he stumbled twice on the stairs while boarding Air Force One for a trip to Georgia, with the edited video showing a golf ball hitting his head each time.”

Here is the post Don Jr. initially shared in response to the White House blaming the wind for Biden repeatedly falling:

The Hill went as far as asking a Twitter spokesman if Trump’s Jr.’s post violated their policies.

“A Twitter spokesperson said the tweet did not violate its policies,” the media outlet reported.

In response, Don Jr. doubled down by resharing the video meme and sarcastically captioned it: “Wait you’re telling me this is edited??? I’m sorry, I had no idea I was spreading this kind of gross disinformation.” See Below

Donald Trump Jr. Doubles Down