45th President Trump Announces His ‘Complete & Total Endorsement’ For Gov. McMaster, Lt. Gov. Griffin & Sen. Crapo

[Image source: Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID)-- Crapo's YouTube channel- video screenshot. Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin-- THV11 video screenshot. Gov. Henry McMaster--NBC News video screenshot. President Donald Trump-- NBC News video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Former President Donald J. Trump released three statements Friday via email, announcing his “complete and total endorsement” for Henry McMaster, the governor of South Carolina since January 24, 2017, for Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, who is running for Attorney General in Arkansas, and also for Republican Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho.

Since becoming governor, McMaster has announced more than 41,000 new jobs and over $12 billion in capital investment. The state’s unemployment rate is the lowest in recorded history and more people are working in South Carolina than ever before, according to McMaster’s governor biography.

In his first statement on Friday, President Trump expressed his praise and support for Governor Henry McMaster: “Henry McMaster has been a great Governor for the wonderful people of South Carolina. He is Strong on the Military, our Vets, Crime, and the Second Amendment. He has also been a fabulous Chief Executive for his State,” the president said.

“Henry has my Complete and Total Endorsement as he runs for re-election!” Trump announced.

In a second statement via email, Trump also expressed his support for Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, for Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas. “Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin, who is running for Attorney General, is a highly respected Army Veteran who will always fight for the great people of Arkansas.”

“Tim will be tough on Crime, defend our Second Amendment, loves our Military and our Vets, and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the brave Men and Women of Law Enforcement. Tim Griffin has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” he declared. Continued Below

In a third email statement endorsing Sen. Crapo, the president wrote, “Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho has my Complete and Total Endorsement. Mike is tough on Crime, Strong on the Border, and fights for our Military and our Vets. He will continue to be a Champion for our Second Amendment and the great Outdoorsmen and Women of Idaho and the USA.”

Sen. Crapo voted “no” on impeachment against Trump last month, calling it “unconstitutional”, arguing that Trump was a “private citizen” during the trial. He also said in part in a statement, “The House’s impeachment proceeding blatantly violated established guarantees of due process. … We must not dismiss the foundational tenets of our Constitution, particularly in the heat of the deep divisions we face in America.”

Last month, Trump warned sitting Republican lawmakers that he could back primary challengers if he deems them to be insufficiently loyal. “Where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First. We want brilliant, strong, thoughtful, and compassionate leadership,” President Trump said in a statement. Continued Below

The 45th President has also recently endorsed former campaign adviser Bob Paduchik in the race to be the next chair of the Ohio Republican Party and former White House press secretary and close ally Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her gubernatorial bid for Arkansas governor.

He has also endorsed Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), congressional candidate Max Miller, a former White House aide who is in the race against an incumbent Republican in Northeast Ohio, and Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana.

President Donald Trump’s official statement for Governor Henry McMaster:

President Donald Trump’s official statement for Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin:
President Donald Trump’s official statement for Senator Mike Crapo:

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