Abrams: “There Is A Disease Of Racism…In The Veins Of America”; Leo Terrell Reacts: “It’s A Big Lie!”

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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell rejected the latest statement made by former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams regarding racism in America.

In a recent interview with actress Viola Davis for Variety, Abrams claimed “there is a disease of racism” and “bigotry” that is “embedded in the veins of America.”

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“There is a disease of racism that is embedded in the veins of America,” Abrams said. “There is a disease of bigotry that winds its way throughout how we’ve made our rules and who has access — [plus] sexism, homophobia, this broader construct of xenophobia.”

In response, Leo Terrell accused Abrams of “lying to America” about systemic racism, which he said does not exist and is nothing more than a “Democratic talking point” used to “intimidate.”

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“There is no systemic discrimination in this country. There is no systemic discrimination at all. That is a Democratic talking point,” Mr. Terrell told Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night. “Stacey Abrams is lying to America, and they use that race card as a talking point to intimidate.”

“We are in the most open party — thanks to Donald Trump — where it’s the most diverse party of all time,” he added.

“I’ll challenge Stacey Abrams right now…let’s debate,” Where is the systemic racism at? What department? Who’s this big boogie man? It’s a lie, it’s a lie and it’s a big lie! And I’m sick of it!” Leo exclaimed. Video Below