Dan Bongino Blasts CNN’s Jim Acosta At CPAC: “You Expect Him…To Tell You The Truth?”

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Political commentator Dan Bongino took a moment to blast CNN reporter Jim Acosta while speaking at CPAC.

Acosta had been seen trotting around CPAC and trying to interview various people. At one point, conservative social media personality Kaitlin Bennett confronted Acosta and asked, “Why are you obsessed with [Trump]? You don’t ever stop thinking about him, do you?”

Mr. Bongino acknowledged Acosta’s presence during his CPAC speech when he stated as follows:

“You will get nothing from these conformist lemmings on the left and these media buffoons who are the useful idiots of our time. You will get nothing from them. Expect nothing and you will never ever be disapppointed.”

“Someone told me Acosta was running around here. You expect him to tell you? I don’t even know this guy — don’t even care. You expect them at CNN to tell you the truth?”

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